Get Ready for the Wedgwood Art Festival

Planning is underway for the 2013 Wedgwood Art Festival on July 13 and 14.  It will be another awesome explosion of art in the neighborhood!  A call is out for visual artists to apply for a booth by April 2nd. Not an artist?  Well, don’t just be a spectator at the Wedgwood Art Festival, get involved!   The Art Festival homepage has application forms for Music and Theater performers, Food Vendors, Community Sponsors and Volunteers.  The Art Festival is a particularly good opportunity for local businesses to be sponsors and have a table at the event, where they can meet Wedgwood and northeast Seattle neighbors.

The 2013 Wedgwood Art Festival will be held at the Hunter Farm Gathering Place at 7744 35th Ave NE, Wedgwood’s most unique feature, a project completed in 2011 as a public-private partnership for a usable outdoor space.  The Wedgwood Art Festival was voted the most popular event in the neighborhood for 2012, and this year’s event will be better than ever.  Sign up here for e-mail updates:   Wedgwood Art Festival List at MailChimp – and mark your calendar for the 2013 Wedgwood Art Festival on July 13 and 14!

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