The Trail Connection to Seattle Children's

The Burke-Gilman Trail runs parallel to Sand Point Way NE, but how do you get across the street to enter the Seattle Children’s Hospital?  That is one of the issues being worked on in Livable Streets during the expansion and remodelling projects at the hospital campus.  Work has recently been completed on a redesigned intersection at Sand Point Way NE and 40th Ave NE, including a new traffic signal, left-turn lanes and crosswalks.  The project improves traffic flow and links up with the improvements on the east side of Sand Point Way NE, where there is a new sidewalk and cycle path which continues on to the hospital.

I see the hospital, but I can't get there from here.

Now work has begun to connect the Burke-Gilman Trail with the improved intersection and crossing at 40th Ave NE.  On Tuesday evening, March 19, the final plan for the Trail Connection will be presented.  The meeting will be at 6 PM, Seattle Children’s Hospital, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, in the Ocean Cafe on the 7th Floor.  If you drive to the meeting, go to the top of the Penny Drive entrance to the hospital and park in the designated area for the Ocean Zone Level 7.

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