Memorial and Medical Funds Created for the Schulte Family

UPDATE 7: The medical and memorial funds set up by the WCC have now been closed as of October 2013. Many thanks to all that donated. 100% of the funds received were given to the Schulte family.
UPDATE 6: On Tuesday, April 2nd, from 7-9PM at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association hosted a community meeting about last Monday’s tragedy. There were speakers-a-plenty and many local and state officials present to listen in.  The Ravenna Blog live-blogged from it.  (Live Blog link)

UPDATE 5: We are so grateful and thankful to live in a community willing to donate generously for a family in as much need as the Schulte’s.  Their need is great, so continued fund raising is important to help on their road to recovery.  As of today, we’ve raised about $10,000 for Karina and Elias’s medical fund and about $1,000 to Dennis & Judy Schulte’s memorial fund through the ProjektKarma and personal donations made to HomeStreet Bank. Additionally, the other medical fund created by Karina’s friend has raised more than $40,000.  Thank you for your continued donations as they have a long road ahead of them. Your funds are already making a difference for the family.

UPDATE 4: A Meal Schedule has been created to help Dan Schulte and his family over the coming weeks with so many people in town and so much time spent at the hospital.  If you’d like donate food, prepared meals, snacks, or gift cards to support the Schulte family, please sign up for the Meal Schedule or email » Jess.

UPDATE 3:  A growing list of businesses are donating food or gift cards to the family. Special thanks to the following businesses!

Cafe Javasti, Trophy Cupcakes, Grateful Bread, Safeway, Eat Local, Metropolitan Market, Coopers Alehouse, and the staff at QFC!

The customers at the Van Gogh Coffeehouse collected $786.48 in tips from Friday-Saturday to donate to the Schulte Family!

UPDATE 2: Yesterday was Karina’s 34th birthday!which she spent at Harborview Hospital (Thanks for the birthday cupcakes, Trophy Cupcake!). Wish her a happy birthday through the medical funds set up below for her.

UPDATE 1:  There is a growing list of events for the community to participate in to show support for the Schulte family.  Here is a list of those that we know.  More to follow as they’re confirmed.  Please comment below if we’re missing any.

  • THURSDAY – March 28th, 7PM: Sand Point Community United Methodist Church (4710 NE 70th Street), where the Schulte’s attended, is holding a Prayer Vigil for Karina and Baby Elias instead of their planned Maundy Thursday service.
  • MONDAY – April 1st, from 4-5PM: There will be a Memorial Walk for anyone interested.  Mayor McGinn will join us in our walk from Top Pot Doughnuts (on 35th Ave NE at NE 70th Street) to Eckstein and back. You are encouraged to bring flowers to remember Judy and Dennis or canned food (to be donated to the University Food Bank).
  • TUESDAY – April 2nd, 7-9PM: The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association is hosting a community at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center gymnasium (6535 Ravenna Ave NE). The following have confirmed their attendance: Peter Hahn (SDOT Director), Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, the Executive Director and Associate Administrator for Harborview Medical Center, criminal and civil attorneys from the City Attorney’s Office, and a representative of the Seattle Police Dept will be there.  Other City staff/departments may come as well but have yet to confirm.  The meeting is open to everyone.

Growing memorial for the Schulte family. (c/o Ravenna Blog)

The Wedgwood Community Council has established two funds at the Homestreet Bank – Wedgwood Branch office.  Thanks to a crowd-sourcing guru from the neighborhood, we’ve created an easier venue for those looking to contribute to the Schulte family on Projekt Karma.  Please, please, please help us spread the word about this so that we can really contribute to the grieving family.  Also, friends of Karina’s have also set up a fund through FundRazr and have agreed to let us spread the word about their fund too.  The need is great.  Needless to say that everything raised will be given to the family.

You can now click on the links below to access the giving page for each fund or deposit checks personally.

For more information on making a deposit you can call this branch of Homestreet Bank directly at 206-525-2840.

Please continue to keep everyone involved in this terrible incident in your thoughts.  We are grieving alongside the family’s Seattle and Indiana friends and family. We’d also like to thank both HomeStreet Bank and Projekt Karma for their help getting this up and running so quickly.

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  1. Hello, I am a local resident and our family is grieving the loss of this family. I am the founder of projek karma a crowdfunding site for social good causes. I would like to post the fundraiser on our web-site and have the funds go directly to Homestreets’s designated accounts. If we use this site, the payments can be made with a credit or debit card and are secure. We can use Facebook and Twitter to promote it as well.

    Please let me know how i can help get this posted right away so people can start to make donations. Thank you!


  2. Anybody know if there is a Caringbridge site set up for Karina and Elias’ progress? If the community knew what it was, then we wouldn’t have to intrude on their overwhelm to find out how they’re doing.

  3. Hello, I have a 10 month old baby and I’m interested in donating his clothes (as well as a few other things) that he’s grown out of for baby Elias. They’re mostly 3 months and up so I know they won’t be needed for a while, but I also know how quickly babies grow! I live in Federal Way so I have no problem driving to Seattle. I respect the Schulte family’s need and desire for privacy, so I’m more than willing to take these items wherever is most convenient for the family (whether that’s leaving them with a friend, neighbor, etc.). I’ll actually be in Seattle tomorrow for an appointment and was planning on visiting the memorial site to pay my respects, so I was hoping that I would hear something back by then. Thank you! Holly Jessop— (206)849-3660 or

  4. Mary Beth,
    We do have a site with Caring Bridge set up you can search their names and find them. We are only giving general info on their no details. People are more then welcome to share it on social media sites and get the word out. We love reading the posts in the guestbooks and sharing them with the family.

    Thank you to all of you.. it is so overwhelming to see what so many people are doing to help and support our family during this tragedy! There are no words to express how thankful we are. Thank you for all the thoughts, love and prayers and please keep sending them

    May God Bless you all as you all have blessed us!

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