BREAKING NEWS: Key Bank Robbed AGAIN Moments Ago

UPDATE 3: A HUGE thank you to the Seattle Police Department and Seattle Fire Department over the last week or more. It’s spells like this that remind you just how important these basic institutions are for communities like ours. (This is not intended to be a political statement.)

UPDATE 2: As promised, here’s the Seattle Police’s Blotter post on the success, or lack thereof, of the most recent Key Bank bank robber.  Also, here’s the story from the Ravenna Blog.

UPDATE 1: The Police have one person in custody according to their more recent tweet. We’ll add a link to their Blotter post, which we presume will be forthcoming later this afternoon with more details.

We’re just getting word that Key Bank was likely robbed again!  Please keep your eye out for the suspect, described below by the Police in their Twitter post. We’ll post more information as we get it. What’s going on here!

Also, here’s a Twitter post from the Ravenna Blog with news of the Police activity.

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