Quasi-Breaking News: School District Recommending Changes to their NE Seattle K-5 School Proposal

We apologize in advance for a less-than-thorough post on this subject. We will expand on this shortly when time allows.  However, we thought it prudent to get some information out to the community as best we can about significant changes proposed by the School District on what to do with the NE Seattle K-5 School that voters approved.

As we understand it, the District’s revised recommendation (summary of alternatives and recommendation) includes constructing the new NE Seattle K-5 school building at the Thornton Creek School site (as planned) with the intent that the Thornton Creek Elementary School would relocate to the new facility with the existing Decatur School building to be demolished.  We have provided the District with a series of questions to get more information on the revised recommendation.  We hope to provide that to you along with a more thorough blog post.

In the mean time, you’re passionate one way or another on this topic, there is a School Board Meeting tonight (going on now) and this topic is to be discussed along with a construction management contract for the new school.  Here’s the website with all the detailed alternatives analysis and supporting information behind this recommendation.

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