The Next Steps Towards a Safer NE 75th Street

At last Tuesday’s Ravenna-Bryant Community Association’s community meeting, the City shared a list of actions to improve safety along NE 75th Street. One of the actions was to conduct a Road Safety Corridor Project for NE 75th Street.  Since then, we have been working with SDOT to schedule three community meetings over the coming weeks to provide the opportunity for everyone to share their ideas on how to make the NE 75th Street safer.  Everything will be up for discussion, including those streets that contribute to the NE 75th Street corridor.  All are welcome to come and share their thoughts.

Once SDOT has gathered ideas from the community, they will develop potential engineering solutions to present back to the community within a couple of months and begin implementing the improvements.

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  1. The traffic on 75th and the feeder streets of 40th Ave. NE, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, and others in Wedgwood will be heavily impacted by the construction of a new school at Thornton Creek. The school district predicts an additional 840 vehicle trips a day to what we have now. SDOT needs to be made aware of what’s coming in our area and plan for that as well. We don’t want any of our approximately 3,000 children (once the new school is built) to be at risk going to and leaving school. A lot of work needs to be done in our area of narrow residential streets, few crosswalks, and few sidewalks.

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