Ravenna-Bryant's 3.7 Acre Children's Home Society of Washington Property for Sale

According to the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association, the Children’s Home Society of Washington (CHSW) property is for sale.  The 3.7 acre property is comprised of 4 parcels located across the streets from Assumption-Saint Bridget School and Bryant Cafe, it includes the full city block from NE 65th Street to NE 68th Street and from 32nd Ave NE to 33rd Ave NE. According to HistoryLink, the “Washington Children’s Home Society” moved to their newly built Brown Hall in Bryant neighborhood in 1907 after their original location in Greenlake burned down. The property was later annexed into the City in 1943 and is identified on the City’s 1947 zoning maps as “Children’s Home.”

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CHSW have hired Heartland, LLC to manage their statewide land portfolio. According to Heartland, LLC., “the primary objective was to inventory the real estate assets held by CHSW and provide a current valuation of each asset, informed by site context, market forces, site conditions, and development capacity. Heartland also undertook an alternatives analysis of the existing and proposed uses on one of the eight properties to help CHSW determine the highest and best use for that site.”  Heartland, LLC. has released an offering memorandum (LINK PDF) for perspective purchasers and are accepting offers through May 17th, 2013. The property includes three zoning designations: Neighborhood Commercial-30 (NC-30), Lowrise Residential-2 (LR-2), and Single Family-5000 (SF-5000). CHSW provides a phenomenal amount of services to kids in need and the money from selling a property, which King County appraises at $12,821,600, would go a long, long way.

Oh, and yes, folks on Twitter and the Ravenna Blog’s Facebook page have already suggested that the School District purchase it for a new school.

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