May 15th WCC Community Meeting: Safer Streets for All



WCC May Community Meeting
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church
May 15th, 7-9PM


The Schulte family mourns at the crash site on NE 75th Street.

The Schulte family mourns at the crash site on NE 75th Street.

UPDATE: Marilyn Schulte, sister of Dan Schulte and daughter of Dennis & Judy Schulte, will be attending the meeting to thank the community for the support of her family over the past several months.  The Karina & Elias Ulriksen-Schulte Medical Fund is still accepting donations for the recovery of Marilyn’s sister-in-law and nephew.  Also, you can still donate meals for Dan as he adjusts to being both a dad and caregiver.

UPDATE: State Legislative District 45, Roger Goodman, will also be speaking on the proposed bipartisan changes to the state’s DUI laws that he has been working on as the House Democrats point person.

A lot has happened in Wedgwood, NE Seattle, and across the State in the past 2 months to make streets safer for all forms of mobility.  From proposed changes to DUI laws, to the passage of the Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill, the NE 75th Street Road Safety Corridor project, and a proposed statewide transportation budget package, there are a lot of changes intended to make our streets safer for all. We’ll be joined by several guests to hear about what’s being done to make streets safer from local and state-level perspectives.  Our guests will include:

  • NEW: Marilyn Schulte will be attending the meeting to thank the community for the support of her family over the past several months since her parents, Dennis & Judy were killed and her sister-in-law and nephew were struck by an intoxicated driver while crossing NE 75th Street.
  • NEW: Roger Goodman, District 45 (Kirkland area) Representative and House Democrat Point Person on the new proposed DUI laws;
  • Jessyn Farrell and Gerry Pollet, District 46 Representatives;
  • Courtney Popp, Statewide Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor with the State Patrol; and
  • Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Councilmember and Chair of the Council’s Transportation Committee.

NOTE: As part of our annual May meeting, we’ll be having our annual elections which all current paid WCC members can participate in.  If you’re not yet a WCC member, you can become a WCC member now online or at the meeting.

Current WCC Trustees, Per Johnson and Keeley Hughes are up for reelection to their 2nd three-year term, while Liz McGrath will be up for election to her first three-year term.  Per and Keeley were first elected in 2010. Liz was appointed in 2012 as a WCC trustee to fill an open position and has since been serving as Treasurer.  Read more about Per, Keeley, and Liz HERE.  Changes to the WCC’s bylaws are also up for election (see proposed revisions HERE).

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  1. Changes in DUI laws are only effective if the laws are enforced. For example, Mark Mullan was legally required to install ignition interlock devices in all his vehicles. He chose to ignore the law, and nobody bothered to check whether he had installed these devices. After that, Mark Mullan had his driver’s license suspended, so he was legally prohibited from driving. Again: Mullan ignored the law and drove, with tragic results. So while I do believe we need much tougher laws to deal with repeat DUI offenders, these laws are meaningless if they are not enforced. What are we going to do about that?

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