New Crosswalk Markings at NE 80th Street

New crosswalk markings on 35th Ave NE at the corner of NE 80th Street.

New crosswalk markings and a “pedestrians” sign have gone in on 35th Ave NE at the corner of NE 80th Street.  This is a heavily used crossing area for people going to Wedgwood Presbyterian Church on that corner, or to the post office in the block to the south.  With traffic lights only at NE 75th and 85th Streets, it is a long stretch without any place for pedestrians to cross 35th Ave NE — until now.

In Wedgwood’s recent traffic meetings it has been pointed out that the best way to prevent accidents is to use many different methods to SLOW the traffic.  The presence of pedestrian-crossing signs at NE 80th Street will help to do that.  Children must be taught safety rules, however, that when using a crosswalk they must make sure that cars stop before pedestrians step off the curb.

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