Emergency Preparedness: Kids and Communication Planning

In light of this week’s disaster in Oklahoma we are reminded to review our own disaster plans, including communication with kids in the event of an emergency.  The Seattle Mama Doc column on the Children’s Hospital page has guidelines for a communication plan.  It is advised that you review with your children what they should do in case of emergency.

Children should have access to parent/caregiver phone numbers and an out-of-state contact for leaving messages.  It sometimes happens that phones are down in a local area but you will be able to call out-of-state to leave info with a designated person; then other family members can give and receive messages at that contact number, as well.  In the event of the failure of all phone systems, Wedgwood’s Hub at Hunter Tree Farm will open and handwritten messages can be left there.

The Seattle Mama Doc article has more ideas and suggestions for preparing for emergencies, and a link to donate to the Red Cross for Oklahoma relief work.

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