Stencil a Storm Drain

Individuals, families and community organizations like businesses and youth groups can volunteer to stencil storm drains in your neighborhood.  The message “Dump No Waste, Drains to Stream, Lake or Bay” helps remind people to protect our water quality.  Some people believe that street drains carry wastewater to a sewage treatment for cleanup.  Not true!  Some drains go directly into the nearest stream or lake, and so do the hazardous chemicals which people pour down storm drains every year.

Get a stenciling kit to get started:  contact Carlton Stinson at Seattle Public Utilities, or call 684-7624. Drain-stenciling is part of the Keep Seattle Clean volunteer program.  You can Stencil a Storm Drain, Pick Up Litter, Adopt-A-Street and Paint Out Graffiti with supplies provided.

On June 8th at the Seattle Science Festival you can play “Stormwater Jeopardy.” Find out what is in stormwater runoff and learn about everyday actions which can help to protect the environment.

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