A Summer Farewell to the Pond

The Meadowbrook Pond is located on 35th Ave NE at NE 107th, directly across the street from the Meadowbrook Community Center.  The Pond was created about twenty years ago for flood control and filtering of the water of Thornton Creek, and the Pond has become a wonderful nature preserve, as well.  The Pond is at the site of The Confluence, the merging of the two main branches of the Thornton Creek System.

A slide area along the banks of the Pond will be repaired this summer.

The Pond was dredged in 2012 to remove built-up sediment, and this summer of 2013, the Pond will be enlarged to hold even more water.  For that reason the Pond will close to public access on Monday, June 10th. Construction fencing will close off the Pond until approximately October 1st.  More info about the project is on the Pond Page at Seattle Public Utilities.

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