Summer 2013 Road Work

Summer 2013 will be busy with road construction projects in northeast Seattle, beginning on Monday, June 10th. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced that work will begin on Sand Point Way NE between NE 110th to 125th Streets.   This road is only two lanes, so have enough room to work, Sand Point Way NE in this zone will be closed to southbound traffic for at least four days.

There is an SDOT page for the NE 125th Street/Sand Point Way NE Arterial Paving Project with more info, and you can sign up there for e-mail alerts.   Homes on streets adjoining the work will receive door-to-door flyers as well as postcards in the mail.   During construction, portable electronic message boards will be set up around the perimeter of projects to alert those who pass through the area.

Over the summer, NE 125th Street will be repaved all the way from I-5, east to where it meets Sand Point Way NE.   The first step will be to grind down and remove the old pavement, then repair the base underneath.  The base is made of crushed rock and is the foundation which supports the road; then the road will be repaved.   Additional work will include building three new bio-retention structures for the stormwater system (alongside roads) and new curb ramps.   Two new bus shelters, one segment of sidewalk, and one median island are improvements to go in on some parts of NE 125th Street.   To facilitate access to the Lake City Branch Library on 28th Ave NE, a right-turn-only lane will be created at westbound NE 125th Street.

Each of this summer’s construction projects has an info page where you can sign up for e-mail alerts.   The NE 75th Street page includes summaries of the input which was gathered during recent community meetings with SDOT.   We anticipate one final meeting with SDOT in July at which the traffic engineers will explain safety measures to be put in on NE 75th Street.

There are also links to Seattle Public Utilities summer 2013 projects, such as Meadowbrook Pond (closing for construction on Monday, June 10) and possible work on the NE 93rd Street Culvert at the entrance to Matthews Beach.   These two projects are intended to increase capacity for handling stormwater and relieve potential flooding on nearby streets and houses.

No word has been received yet on possible clean-up work at Magnuson Park.  The May 29th meeting about radioactive contamination did not yield exact info about what will be done, and when. Meadowbrook neighbors are concerned that the clean-up will intersect with, or be hindered by the road work on Sand Point Way NE.

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