Health and Wellness in Wedgwood: Dr. Deborah Dahms, D.O.

Office of Dr. Deborah Dahms, D.O. in the Jasper Building.

One of the newest residents of the Jasper Apartments at 8606 35th Ave NE in Wedgwood is Dr. Deborah Dahms, an osteopathic physician.  Osteopathic treatment emphasizes alignment of the structural components of the body (including muscles and bones) to increase range of motion and relieve tightness and pain.  Dr. Dahms doesn’t only treat injured people; she also works with people who are healthy and who want to stay that way.

Dr. Dahms in-office treatment center.

As a young child in 1962, Dr. Deborah came with her parents from their home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to visit Seattle’s Century 21 World’s Fair.  That is when Dr. Deborah’s love affair with Seattle began!  From the Space Needle she took in the sweeping views of sky and water.  The family took a ferry ride on Puget Sound and saw an orca whale.  After many years of medical training, Dr. Dahms was able to come to Seattle.  She first became a Wedgwood resident in 2005 and moved into the Jasper Apartments in Spring 2013.

Dr. Dahms has had professional training in several specialties.  She is an acupuncturist and massage therapist, and is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist in addition to being an osteopathic physician.  These specialties in pain management and manual therapy together enable Dr. Dahms to treat a patients’ musculoskeletal system with a holistic and non-drug approach.  Osteopathic manipulative treatment is hands-on care, using the hands to diagnose, treat and prevent further injury.

Dr. Dahms is in Suite #102 of the at-sidewalk offices at the Jasper.  She is taking new patients and you may call for an appointment: 206-495-8458.

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