Why I Ride

Clay Thompson is a staff member at Ryther, 2400 NE 95th Street in Wedgwood, and Clay is one of the cyclists who will participate in Ride for Ryther on July 13-14 in the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic.   What is “Ryther” and why does Clay ride?

Residence cottage at Ryther.

Ryther is a nonprofit organization serving vulnerable children and their families.  Using innovative and proven therapeutic techniques, Ryther treats troubled children who have been referred by parents, physicians, state agencies and the courts.   The in-residence program has three cottages where a total of 36 children can live while receiving intensive therapy.   The children are guided, taught and helped to experience new ways of thinking, doing and relating.   One additional cottage at Ryther is for teen boys in substance abuse treatment and recovery.

Clay Thompson and six teammates will ride 202 miles for Ryther in the Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic, July 13-14 to raise funds and awareness of Ryther’s worthwhile work with children.  On the Ryther Voice Blog Clay writes that he feels fortunate to have come to know the kids at Ryther.   He will ride so that others will know about the Ryther kids and help the children succeed a little bit more every day.   Please consider contributing to support Team Ryther, and don’t forget matching workplace gifts; these make a big difference.

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