Fixer Night at the Tool Library

This Thursday, July 11th is Fixer Night at the NE Seattle Tool Library.  Everyone is invited to bring items in need of repair.  The Tool Library’s team of handy folk will work with you to decide if the item is repairable and help you work on it.  And if you enjoy fixing things, this is your night!  Come anytime between 6 to 9 PM. If we run out of things to work on, the Tool Library has no shortage of tools in need of repair.

The Tool Library is located at 2415 NE 80th Street (just west of the traffic light on 25th Ave NE at NE 80th Street.)  Please note that there is a job opening at the Tool Library.  Thanks to funding through a City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Grant, a part-time Tool Library manager can be hired for at least one year.  Take a look at the job listing and don’t delay, as the position is to be filled as soon as possible.

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