Microsurfacing is coming to Wedgwood

UPDATE: We thought we’d emphasize that garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection on Wednesday, July 31st, will occur between 7-8AM for those streets where microsurfacing will occur (see green lines on map). This may be earlier than normal for these streets.

SDOT is doing some maintenance of many Wedgwood roads, in late July and perhaps into early August, called microsurfacing. According to SDOT, microsurfacing is a “thin, tough layer of asphalt emulsion blended with crushed stone. Microsurfacing preserves the streets similar to chip sealing, but without the loose rock involved with chip sealing.” ¬†(Video below.)

This maintenance is part of a trial project to maintain the City’s streets in cost efficient method and provides some advantages to the alternative, chip sealing. ¬†However, there is one disadvantage associated with microsurfacing: you can’t drive on it for 2 hours. This means that there will be no access in or out of driveways during the work on the day that microsurfacing is scheduled. To minimize the inconvenience of this, SDOT has prepare a map with the dates of the microsurfacing for each block where it’ll be done. SDOT also has a website and has put together a flyer to help explain the microsurfacing process a bit more for those affected.

Here’s a video of what microsurfacing might look like on your block…except for there will likely be far fewer people surrounding your street just watching.

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  1. The trucks came by yesterday finishing the microsurfacing on 87th St. All the “No Parking” signs were picked up except 3 along the Northside of 87th St (including in front of my house). The signs now say that there will be No Parking anytime and the plan is for a bus stop. Do you know if this is actually true? I can’t find information anywhere.

    1. Unless it was a bus stop prior to the microsurfacing, which I don’t think it was on 87th, then I think that’s probably true. You can contact david.allen@seattle.gov though who is managing the project to clarify or request that the signs are picked up.

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