Grinding Out the Dashes on NE 75th Street

On Saturday, August 24, an SDOT worker was grinding out the dashes of the former center line on NE 75th Street, because a new, center turn lane has been created.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has continued to work intensively on NE 75th Street to implement the revisions for safety.  Crews worked on Friday evening, August 23 and were at work again during the daytime on Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25.  A grinder was being used to erase the previous center line.

NE 75th Street now has a center left-turn lane continuously from 15th Ave NE to 35th Ave NE.  Many other details are being worked on, such as no-parking signs, a turn lane at 28th Ave NE and school-zone drop-off lanes in front of Eckstein Middle School at 3003 NE 75th Street.

One of the main reasons for creating only one lane of travel in each direction on NE 75th Street is to slow traffic.  Excessive speed has been shown to be one of  the top causes of accidents.

A road crew was at work on Saturday, August 24, on NE 75th Street at the corner of 33rd Ave NE, site of the Schulte family accident.

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