Support Wedgwood AND Get Cool Stuff By Becoming a Member!

Become a WCC Member Now!  These membership levels provide folks a great way to give back to the neighborhood while getting something great in return…in addition to our neighborhood advocacy.

Everyone knows the Wedgwood Community Council is a non-profit (501c4) advocating for an on behalf of the Wedgwood community. But, did you know that the WCC functions, in large part, thanks to our members?It used to be, back in the olden days (i.e. 2012), that WCC Members would be mailed a copy of the Wedgwood Echo newsletter about 6 times/year.  This was a perk for becoming a member and supporting your neighborhood. However, the WCC stopped this practice after realizing that printing the Wedgwood Echo was a) very expensive, b) used a lot of paper, and c) lessened our ability to reach and share community news to the whole neighborhood.  So, instead of the hard copy newsletters, we now have the monthly-ish Wedgwood Echo e-newsletter that ANYONE can sign up for (not to mention other listserves).

But now we’ve brought back that incentive to join or renew your WCC Membership for those that need more than altruism to join!  We’ve got awesome SWAG!  We’re now offering 3 different membership levels named after the trees that watch over our neighborhood.

  • The Red Alder Level is our entry membership level at $25/year, which comes with a stylish forest green “Wedgwood” t-shirt!
  • The Big Leaf Maple Level is our premier membership level at $45/year, which comes with a “Wedgwood” t-shirt AND a stainless steel Wedgwood tumbler!
  • The Douglas Fir Level is our business sponsorship membership level for $250/year, which comes with a “Wedgwood” t-shirt, a rotating ad on our website, a featured blog post, and recognition at our annual Outdoor Cinema!

So, step up to the plate and join/renew as a WCC member! We’ll even deliver the t-shirt and tumbler to your house for those joining through September…or you can pick up the t-shirt and tumbler at our September 25th Community Meeting!  If you have any problems with joining, please email » us.

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