Karina Schulte is HOME!

Today is a big day.  It’s the day that Karina Schulte will be coming home, 225 days after being hit by Mark Mullan’s vehicle while Karina, her ten-day-old baby, and her in-laws were on a walk along NE 75th Street.  Karina has gone through many procedures and physical therapy and is far, far from back to “normal.”  In fact, she was released from the hospital on October 24th, but the ADA-improvements to Dan and Karina’s home weren’t ready for her.  But now they are and Dan and Karina will begin adjusting to their “new normal,” with eight-month-old son Elias also at home.

MEAL TRAIN: If you would like to give Dan and Karina a little help during this huge time of adjustment, a meal train has been set up for the next month.  If you’re able, consider making or donating a meal for them while they adjust.

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