Holiday Season Crime Alert

Secure locking mailboxes with an outgoing slot will help prevent mail theft.

The holiday season brings an increase in certain types of crimes, including theft from mailboxes and theft of packages left on porches.  In Maple Leaf, the neighborhood to the west of Wedgwood, there have been incidents of individuals taking mail and using it to commit identity crimes.  It is advised that outgoing mail, especially bills, be placed only in a secure box.  The holiday season is an ideal time to network with neighbors and discuss going in together to get a secure box.  Have a hot-cocoa gathering and hand out info on the procedure for getting a locked mailbox for multiple addresses.  The peace of mind is worth the cost.

During the holiday season packages left on porches attract thieves.

In summer 2013 on the Laurelhurst blog it was reported that packages brought by delivery services such as UPS and FedEx were disappearing from porches within minutes.  In one case a resident saw the package arrive and when she went to the door she saw a thief running back to a car, package in hand.  It was clear that package thieves were following the delivery trucks.  It is advised that you make arrangements to receive the package, such as taking deliveries at your place of employment.  Some secure mailboxes have package sections but they are not large enough for computers or other electronics which people order at the holiday season.

UPDATE: News reports from many neighborhoods continue to show that package theft from porches is rampant throughout North Seattle:

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