Responses from the 46th District regarding proposed Metro transit cuts

Several readers have inquired what, if any responses were received to the letter sent by the WCC to our 46th District legislators last month. (You can read the original post here.)

Source: Seattle Transit Blog

Here is what we heard from Reps. Farrell and Pollet, and Councilmember Rasmussen in regard to proposed Metro transit cuts in 2014:

Representative Jessyn Farrell:
“Thank you for the note. I couldn’t agree more. We must give King County the local options it needs to keep Metro whole. With ridership growing, this is exactly the wrong time to cut service. It was one of my biggest disappointments earlier this year to get that package passed in the House, only to watch it die in the Senate because they wouldn’t bring it to the floor for a vote. We will continue this fight in Olympia, and I know that your leaders in King County are looking around for other funding options in case the Legislature continues to ignore this important issue.”

Representative Gerry Pollet:
“Thank you for this terrific letter detailing the incredible harm from the proposed cuts to transit service in our community. This type of detail really helps as we fight to have the right to tax ourselves to save service! Please be assured that we are working to ensure we have local option funding to save our bus service. With King County’s announcement that there is an existing alternative for a Transportation Benefit District, our negotiatiing position with the anti-transit legislators has improved.”

Tom Rasmussen, Chair, Transportation Committee, Seattle City Council:
“Excellent letter. I have been working with the County Executive and many others to convey our concerns and to urge support a state transportation funding package which supports transit. It is important that legislators hear from the public. Please convey my thanks to the members of the Wedgwood Community Council.”

The WCC will continue to stay on top of the conversations being held by city and county leaders so we may take additional action as needed. For the time being, check out the Seattle Transit Blog’s excellent run-down of where the issue currently stands and what options may be available to preserve existing transit service in the coming months.

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