Watch Out for Fraud and Scams

Seattle City Light is warning its customers to guard against con artists pretending to be utility bill collectors.  City Light has received more than a dozen reports of attempted fraud this week alone.  Customers reported receiving phone calls from someone who claims to represent the utility.  The caller fraudulently claims the customer’s account is overdue and threatens to cut off power unless payment is made immediately over the phone.

“Protect yourself against this scam,” Customer Care Director Kelly Enright said. “Seattle City Light will never demand immediate payment over the phone.  If you get a call like this, try to get contact information from the caller, then hang up and call the police and City Light (684-3000)  so we can try to put these con artists out of business.”

The recent rise in scam activity follows last month’s consumer alert from Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson warning against an email phishing scam that is disguised as a utility bill.

Other recent scams which have been reported are door-to-door “collectors” for utility bills.  City Light will NEVER do this.  If a stranger is at your door demanding payment, call 911 and also report the incident to City Light.

Another telephone scam which has recently been reported, is a phone caller saying that there is a warrant out for your arrest because you failed to report for jury duty.  The caller insists that you must pay a fine via credit card.  Do NOT give out any personal or financial info.

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