Featured Advertiser: Maid in the Northwest

“If you’d called us you’d be going home to a clean house!”  That is the motto of service and excellence practiced by Maid in the Northwest.  Maid in the Northwest provides great help so that busy people can enjoy their homes without worry about cleaning chores.

Business owner Liane Christianson has operated Maid in the Northwest for 25 years.  Liane was able to move the office of Maid in the Northwest to Wedgwood in 2009 and she is so happy to work in the neighborhood where she also lives.  The Maid in the Northwest office at 8040 35th Ave NE has a C-shaped sign in front which was originally placed there by Albert Balch, the developer of Wedgwood, in 1951.  Balch’s real estate sales office was Crawford & Conover, an early-Seattle company whose brand name Balch purchased. Balch’s personal office, real estate salesmen and other workers such as architects, accountants and construction supervisors were in buildings 8040 and in 8050, the present Seattle Audubon Society office and Nature Shop.

Scheduling specialist Debbie works with a map of neighborhoods.

Maid in the Northwest’s experienced scheduling specialists Noreen and Debbie tailor each cleaning to the specific needs of a household.  Factors include the size of the house, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, how many people live in the house and pets, if any.  The average amount of time needed for a regular cleaning is about four hours for a three-bedroom, two-bath house.  The same cleaner works in the house each time, and the type of cleaning is flexible according to the homeowner’s needs.

Scheduling specialist Noreen tailors each cleaning to the needs of the client.

The services of Maid in the Northwest include residential and small office cleaning, move-outs, and cleaning tailored to the needs of senior citizens. Maid in the Northwest also participates in Cleaning for a Reason, a service which is free for women who are in cancer treatment, giving one free housecleaning per month for three months.

The Wedgwood Community Council thanks Maid in the Northwest for being a part of the neighborhood and supporting the work of WCC by advertising on this page.

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