Provide Feedback for Seattle's Emergency Plan Update

The following was sent by the Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Seattle’s Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP) program.  Help shape the city’s disaster response plan by sharing your concerns about how to prepare for major disasters.  The survey below only takes 5 minutes, or there are other ways to get involved detailed below .

As we’ve seen in our region and nationally, disasters can and do happen to us. Now is the time to let City officials know your thoughts! See attached brochure and news release for more.

Are you more concerned about a major earthquake or a winter storm? A tsunami or local flooding? A nuclear reactor meltdown or a traffic accident where hazardous materials are released? All of the above? In the Pacific Northwest, we face 18 different hazards both natural and man-made. The City is responsible for developing a plan to reduce risks, but needs help to develop a process that allows us to work together to reduce the impact and keep ourselves and our property safe. We need your help to create a plan that takes into account all of our needs and resources.

It is through our Hazard Mitigation Plan that we outline how we will reduce our vulnerability to the impacts of these disasters. This could include things like:

  • Stabilizing slopes to prevent landslides.
  • Evaluating buildings and strengthening them to allow them to withstand earthquakes.
  • Identifying areas in the city that flood during heavy rains and improve drainage.
  • Teaching families and neighborhoods how to protect their homes and families from the impacts of disaster.

The existing plan is being updated as part of the City’s emergency management program. For more information or to review Seattle’s existing plan please visit:

How can you help?
Our plan is only as good as the input we get. That means we need to hear from you! Please complete our Disaster Mitigation Survey (it will only take 5 minutes) by April 23, or attend our public meeting (details below). Surveys can be:

§  Submitted in-person at our upcoming public meeting:

When: April 8, 2014 from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Rainier Community Center

4600 38th Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98118

Details: There will be a presentation at 7 p.m., family friendly booths and refreshments.  Interpretation and accommodations are available upon advance request to Donna Voss, Project Manager, at 206-233-5089, or by email at:

§  Emailed to

§  Filled out online at

§  Mailed to Mitigation Plan Update, Project Manager

Seattle Office of Emergency Management

105 5th Ave. South, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98104

Thank you!

OEM appreciates your participation!  As partners in updating the Hazard Mitigation Plan, we can think through and better prepare for the hazards we face together.


For questions about Seattle’s Hazard Mitigation Plan or the update process please contact Ms. Voss at (206) 233-5089 or

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