SDOT Proposes Extended 39th Greenway Alignment – Open House, May 6, 6:30PM

On March 27th, SDOT hosted their first Open House to describe a planned extension of the 39th Ave NE greenway.  Most in attendance were supportive of the extension although provided constructive feedback for SDOT to consider in selecting a recommended alignment.  SDOT listened and have met with Our Lady of the Lake and have released their recommended alignment.  More from SDOT can be found on their website.

(Click on map to enlarge)

“From the input we received and the evaluation, we recommend extending the existing greenway north along 38th Ave NE, to and along NE 89th St to 32nd Ave NE. The recommended improvements (shown on the map below) include traffic calming and stop signs. Not shown, but also included are wayfinding signs, sharrows, reducing the speed limit from 25 MPH to 20 MPH and pavement and sidewalk repairs.

During the analysis of the greenway extension, we also evaluated how the existing greenway on 39th Ave NE between NE 52nd St and NE 80th St was operating. Because the majority of drivers were exceeding the posted 20 MPH speed and to improve safety and comfort, we recommend installing speed humps and additional improvements, as shown on the map. Additional evaluation will occur this summer.”

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  1. The 39th greenway would be a lot better for bikes if parking was prohibited on 1 side of the street. As it is the adjacent 40th street arterial is arguably a safer ride heading downhill to the south for all but the slowest riders.

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