Crime in the City: NPAC Update

North Precinct Police Captain David Emerick

Captain David Emerick of the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct was featured at the May 2014 meeting of SPD’s North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC), attended by representatives of Seattle neighborhoods.  Survey results which were discussed showed that residential burglaries and car prowls are among top citizen concerns.  Related problems, such as dark streets, will be addressed in the outcome of the survey.  To gauge success, an SPD lieutenant will collect data on actions taken, such as streetlights added.

Although crimes are down compared to this time last year, it is known that car prowls and residential burglaries increase during summer months.  Statistics on “non-forced entry” show that people forget to lock doors or they leave windows open, attracting the attention of burglars.

In past summers there has been a North Precinct picnic for the community.  This year, since a new SPD chief is about to be appointed, instead of the picnic there will later be some other kinds of community outreach efforts to introduce the new chief.

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