Seattle 2035: Key Directions

What Does Updating the Comprehensive Plan Mean?

Every ten years the City of Seattle examines the thousands of goals and policies inside the Comprehensive Plan to determine how better to plan for Seattle’s future. Starting with the regionally agreed upon projections of how many new households and jobs are expected over the next twenty years, we consider how our policies can shape that growth in a way that builds on our strengths and character as a city.  Land use, housing, economic development, transportation, environment, culture, services, and infrastructure will be considered.  Once updated, the Comprehensive Plan guides important City decisions on where growth (jobs and housing) occurs, how to improve our transportation system, and where investment in utilities, sidewalks, and libraries will be needed.

What’s Happening Now?

With the closing of the comment period for the Planning Alternatives, Seattle 2035 gathered a lot of great ideas from the public. Now the focus is being narrowed to the specific parts of the Plan that might change.   The June 24th meeting will be about the Key Directions we have identified.

How Can I Learn More about These Key Directions?

Each week leading up to the June 24th meeting, the Seattle 2035 page will be dedicated to a major theme in the Plan such as housing, transportation, or environment.  Seattle 2035 will review the goals and policies in the current Plan, explore how they’ve been implemented since it was adopted in 1994, and ask for your thoughts on how we should proceed over the next twenty years.

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