REMINDER: 35th Ave Plan Public Workshop #2, Wed, 6/11, 7-9PM

Public Workshop #2
Wed, June 11th, 7-9PM
Messiah Lutheran Church
7050 35th Ave NE

As you probably have read about already, a planning effort for the 35th Ave Business District is underway.  The goal of the plan is to develop zoning recommendations and streetscape design guidelines for the business district based on community feedback.  The #1 Public Workshop took place on April 22nd to listen and learn from the community about what kind of building character and streetscape design features are most desired.  You can read a summary of the #1 Public Workshop and the results from those community exercises on the 35th Ave Plan website.

The upcoming #2 Public Workshop will allow the community to provide feedback on zoning and streetscape design options for the 35th Ave Business District, which the consultant team hired to assist with this planning effort has prepared  based on the community input from the #1 Public Workshop.  Information gathered from community feedback from this meeting will be used to refine the recommended zoning recommendations and streetscape design for the 35th Ave Business District.

You can help the 35th Ave Committee by coming, getting the word out, and telling your friends and neighbors about the public workshop.

One Reply to “REMINDER: 35th Ave Plan Public Workshop #2, Wed, 6/11, 7-9PM”

  1. I left the meeting on 6/11 very frustrated. As a lifelong resident of Wedgwood I feel the potential redevelopment of the 35th corridor is being shoved down our throats with no recourse on our part. Building up 4-6 story mixed use with retail buildings all along 35th between 65th and 95th with no regard to the existing homes that back up to those properties is offensive. I understand that the planners are talking about making it a mutually acceptable design but nobody that lives along 36th Ave is going to be okay with having 4-6 story buildings in their back yards – no matter how well designed they are. The parking in this area is atrocious. The post office, the Microsoft connector, sometimes overflow from the WW Pres. Church all push people from out of the neighborhood to park on our residential streets. To increase density in this area will worsen this problem.
    I agree that many of the existing businesses on 35th need some updating and refurbishing. I understand that in order to make that happen in some cases or to entice a developer in many areas, density needs to be added to sustain new business. I do not believe that the number of properties that the planners are suggesting be built up along 35th in order to make it more vibrant is in the best interest of our quiet, single family home community. The plans I saw looked very much like the new Greenlake developments, Greenwood, Queen Anne and other crowded areas in the north end.
    I am all for cleaning up the streets, sidewalks, and putting in some new restaurants, bookstores, green spaces, etc.
    I do not want to see the extent of development that the Landscape Architects presented last night!
    This has been my home for 55 years. I feel as if we are being pushed out of the home and the neighborhood we cherish.
    This is a family neighborhood – not a business district. All of the things that people feel need to be available in Wedgwood are within a very nice, easy walking distance at University Village.

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