Ride for Ryther: the Maleficent Mile

Ride for Ryther team member Clay Thompson with popped tires

Ryther at 2400 NE 95th Street offers residential and outpatient treatment for emotionally disturbed children.  Ryther is a recognized leader in behavioral health services for children and their families facing complex challenges.

On July 12-13, 2014, six Ryther employees and four community supporters will participate in the Ride for Ryther fundraiser during the Seattle to Portland Bike Classic of 202 miles.  The Ryther team members have begun training, but a recent training ride to Bellingham was hampered by continual flat tires!  Most occurred within a single mile of the attempted ride, which they dubbed the Maleficent Mile before giving up and calling for someone to retrieve the team and drive them back to Seattle.

Contributions to Ride for Ryther can be made at this donation link. This year’s ride will raise money for the Specific Needs Fund: activities and items for children in residential treatment at Ryther.  Needs may include a new outfit for a child’s adoption photo shoot, or activities such as exercise classes outside of the Ryther treatment program.

There is a benefit concert for Ride for Ryther on Tuesday, June 24, 5:30 to 8:30 PM at The Crocodile, 2200 Second Avenue.  Tickets are $10 at the door.

Residential cottage for children at Ryther

Children who have been impacted by abuse, neglect, mental illness and substance abuse live in one of four residential cottages on the Ryther campus.  The cottages are staffed 24-hours-per-day by psychologists and counselors, and most of the children attend the school on the Ryther campus to receive individualized tutoring.

Ryther is supported by volunteer programs including a thrift shop, ReStyle for Ryther, at 5435 Ballard Ave NW.  ReStyle for Ryther is run by Ryther League volunteers and all proceeds benefit the children at Ryther.  Here is a list of needed items for the thrift shop.  Donations for the thrift shop should be brought to Ryther at 2400 NE 95th Street during office hours.

Team members of Ride for Ryther 2014

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