Safer Crossings: NE 95th Street & 30th Ave NE

NE 95th Street is a narrow, two-lane arterial without sidewalks.  This year due to changes in school attendance boundaries, some Wedgwood students will need to cross NE 95th Street on their way to the newly opened Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS) at 11051 34th Ave NE, just north of Nathan Hale High School.

Since 35th Ave NE is closed to through traffic at the site of the Meadowbrook Community Center at NE 107th Street, some students on their way to JAMS will walk on 30th Ave NE and cross at NE 95th Street.  Drivers have shown themselves reluctant to stop for pedestrians at this crosswalk.  Because of this, the Wedgwood Community Council has installed containers of high-visibility pedestrian crossing flags on both sides of NE 95th Street at 30th Ave NE.

These flags will help students alert drivers to their presence as they cross the dangerous arterial NE 95th Street.  The flag project was coordinated by Wedgwood Community Council trustee Bill Dock under SDOT’s support for community-sponsored pedestrian flag stations.

All drivers are urged to slow down and watch out for pedestrians at all times.  And most especially when school starts, watch for students along NE 95th Street as well as on all other area roadways.

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