Reviewing the Results: the Future of 35th Ave NE

On July 31st, the 35th Ave Committee held its third public workshop and unveiled the draft of  streetscape guidelines, supplemental design guidelines, and zoning recommendations.  The participants at the public workshop looked at specific parts of the proposal and discussed the proposal with their neighbors, the consultant team, and the 35th Ave Committee.  Participants were then asked to provide their feedback.  Following the public workshop, the proposal was posted online on the Future of 35th Ave page.

Based on the data and feedback received from the workshops and the public comments, the 35th Ave Committee made revisions to the supplemental design guidelines and zoning recommendations.  No revisions were made to the streetscape design guidelines.

You can see a presentation of the project on the Future of 35th Ave page.  There will be two oral presentations, one to the board of the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association on Tuesday, September 9th, and one at the Wedgwood Community Council trustees meeting on Monday, September 15th.  Everyone is welcome to attend and listen in.