Scam Alert: Fake Renewal Notices

A genuine Seattle Times billing statement looks like this, with the customer account info which should match previous bills.

The Seattle Times wants to alert people about fake bills telling recipients they have been charged $499.95 for a year’s worth of content from The Seattle Times, the Los Angeles Times and possibly other major newspapers.

A genuine Seattle Times bill looks like the image at the right.  It will contain your account number and the billing should be consistent with previous bills.  There is other Seattle Times info on the bill such as the phone number for Account Services and the Easy Pay billing system.

About a dozen people have been mailed the fake renewal invoices claiming to be from The Seattle Times, the newspaper says. The phony documents may also bill themselves as “New Order” invoices.

The fake bills ask people to send checks to “Associated Publishers Network,” “United Publishers Clearing House,” “National Magazine Services,” “Orbital Publishing” or “Publishers Billing Exchange.”

The Times asks anyone who receives such a notice to call 206-464-2121 and report it.

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