Schulte Family Update: Together Through It All

Dan Schulte measures his life as divided by before and after the events of March 25, 2013 when a drunk driver struck a pedestrian group on NE 75th Street, killing Dan’s parents Dennis and Judy, and permanently injuring Dan’s wife Karina and son Elias.  The family’s journey through tragedy is recalled by Dan Schulte at 1.5 years since that day.

The Schulte family mourns at the crash site on NE 75th Street.

The Schulte family mourns at the crash site on NE 75th Street.

I remember it nearly every waking hour. I remember the specific events of that day, the time and sights in the hospital, the shock of it all. I remember how happy my parents were the previous day. I’d never seen them so happy. I miss them dearly. I’ve grown to love and appreciate them even more since they passed.

My wife and son have recovered so much since that day. Karina is walking longer and longer distances now only with a cane, using many more words than she could for most of the past 1.5 years, and understanding nearly everything that is said to her. She is helping more and more with caring for our son. And we are hopeful she is past any major surgeries.


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