Meadowbrook Update: No Road Opening in December

From the unfinished roadbed of 35th Ave NE, we can look east into the floodplain which has been created at the confluence of the North and South Branches of Thornton Creek.

On 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street, site of The Confluence, work has been going on since June 2014 to widen the creekbed of the South Branch of Thornton Creek and create a floodplain to increase the capacity for water.  This work necessitated digging up 35th Ave NE at the point of NE 107th Street to install much larger culverts for passage of the creek eastward into Meadowbrook Pond.  The roadway repair is referred to as a “bridge” because the creek flows underneath.  The work is being done by a private contractor.

Concrete has been poured and is curing on the “approach slabs.”  The rebuilt and repaired roadway has a bridge section spanning the South Branch of Thornton Creek.  The approach slabs on either side of the bridge section function to allow the weight of vehicles to transition from the roadway to the bridge without damage to the structure.

The completed bridge section will have sidewalks and pedestrians will be able to look out over the creek and landscaping of The Confluence, where the North and South Branches of Thornton Creek enter Meadowbrook Pond.

Due to rainy weather and cold temperatures, the concrete work is not finished yet, with no definite open date for 35th Ave NE. Stay tuned and follow the construction updates on the Seattle Public Utilities page.  In the meantime, the landscaping work continues on either side of the roadway where the creekbed was widened and meanders created.  The creek work itself is finished, but there is a lot to be done with other landscaping including the planting of new trees.  Coconut fiber blankets (brown color) have been placed to provide cover until the native plants that have been installed become established and stabilize the stream banks.

From the east side of 35th Ave NE we see the floodplain which is being created for the confluence of Thornton Creek. In the center of the photo we see the new bridge-like structure of 35th Ave NE. In the background is Nathan Hale High School.

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