WCC Membership and Benefits

The Wedgwood Community Council wants to thank each household which has made a membership dues contribution to the support of the WCC.

.What is the WCC and what are its membership contribution funds used for?

Wedgwood Community Council officers at a planning meeting

Wedgwood Community Council officers at a planning meeting

The WCC is a 501c4 not-for-profit organization entirely driven by volunteer trustees and community members with the concerns of Wedgwood residents and businesses as its sole focus.  The WCC interacts with City services, such as contacting City Councilmembers about neighborhood concerns.

Your membership dues to the WCC are important for maintaining a thriving neighborhood council that strengthens our community.  Become a WCC member to help support the land use issues concerning development projects, the future park in Wedgwood, street, sidewalk and pedestrian safety improvements.  Community events in Wedgwood such as the annual business district trick-or-treat are also supported by membership dues to pay for safety supplies and distribution of event info.

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