NE 95th Street: No Improvements in 2015

Jim Curtin (left) and Bilkay Rose (right) introduce the NE 95th Street Improvements Project at a community meeting in February 2014.

Jim Curtin of Seattle’s Department of Transportation (SDOT) has notified the Wedgwood Community Council that improvements to NE 95th Street will not occur this year.  These improvements include 1) new sidewalks and intersection improvements along NE 95th Street between 35th Ave NE and 32nd Ave NE and 2) major changes to the NE 95th Street and Lake City Way intersection.

  • NE 95th Street Sidewalks – Estimates for this project increased significantly between 60 and 90 percent design. The estimate increased from around $400k (well within SDOT’s budget for the project) to more than $600k. This project is 100 percent designed and ‘shovel ready’.  SDOT intends to get this built in 2016.
  • Grant funding for improvements where NE 95th Street meets Lake City Way NE:  SDOT was not awarded funding for this project. In fact, SDOT did not receive funding for any of the grant proposals submitted to WSDOT this year. The project at 95th was the first project to not receive funding – that is, we just missed the cut. It is still possible that we will receive funding if the legislature adds more dollars to the fund or if another project drops off the list. Either way, we will continue seeking funding for this important project.

Wedgwood Community Council trustees began working with SDOT for the new NE 95th Street sidewalks in 2013 and public meetings began in 2014.  Changes to the NE 95th Street and Lake City Way intersection were proposed as part of the Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project.  WCC trustees will continue to monitor and advocate for these needed improvements.

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