Town Hall at Burgermaster with Rep. Gerry Pollet, 46th District

Want to talk education, tax fairness, environment, state budget, school testing or radiation at Magnuson Park?

Rep. Gerry Pollet

Meet Wedgwood’s representative in the state legislature, Gerry Pollet, this Saturday, April 4 from 10 AM to noon at Burgermaster (NE 45th Street, east of University Village).

This is Rep. Pollet’s weekly “Traveling Town Hall.”  Any topic on your mind is open for discussion, including if you have thoughts on the bills that he is sponsoring such as first-in-the-nation regulation of e-cigarettes.  Join in for coffee or something to eat and share your thoughts, ask questions. Look for Rep. Pollet’s table in the center area of the restaurant.

This might have to be Rep. Pollet’s final Traveling Town Hall of this session because the state legislature is likely to have floor votes on remaining Saturdays till the session is slated to end.

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