Recycle Old Electronics

Do you have old electronics lying around your house? Get rid of them at the 2015 eCycle Event.  Everything with a plug will be accepted.  It’s FREE!

When: Saturday, April 11, 10 am – 2pm

Where: CenturyLink Field North Parking Lot

All personal electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers will go to local nonprofit InterConnection. InterConnection will take your electronics and perform comprehensive data destruction, so you can rest easy knowing your information is safe. If they can reuse your old electronics, they will be refurbished helping someone in need get connected. If your electronics cannot be reused, they will be responsibly recycled. Your electronics’ valuable materials will be used to create new products, instead of ending up in the landfill and polluting the environment.

All other items with a plug such as kitchen appliances will be collected by Total Reclaim, who will make sure these electronics are also properly recycled and will recover any valuable materials for reuse.

Partners include: Seattle Public Utilities, CenturyLink, Recology CleanScapes, Swanson’s Nursery, Total Reclaim, and InterConnection.