Is Wedgwood Safe?

Do you have concerns about crime in Wedgwood?  Have you or your neighbors experienced car theft or home break-ins?

Bring your questions and concerns to Wedgwood’s Safety Symposium on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7 PM. Seattle Community Police Team Officer Mike Lanz will explain the patrol system and how police respond to calls.  Battalion Chief Sharp of the Seattle Fire Department will give safety tips and answer questions about response to emergencies such as earthquakes.

Our Emergency Preparedness Committee for Wedgwood will tell about the Hub at the Hunter Tree Farm and how you and your neighbors can network to help one another in case of earthquakes or other events.

OneLife Church at 3524 NE 95th Street

The meeting will be at OneLife Church, 3524 NE 95th Street.  Turn right (east) at Johnson’s Auto Repair onto NE 95th Street; the church and its parking lot are on your left.  Come and partake of delicious coffee and snacks, meet the Wedgwood Community Council volunteers and expect to get useful info at the Safety Symposium, Wednesday, April 22nd at 7 PM.

Accessibility and sound info:  The main entrance of the OneLife building faces NE 95th Street and is level-entry.  There are three steps from the main hallway up to the bathrooms.  We will not use microphones or a sound system at the meeting.

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