New-School Construction

Clearing the ground for construction

It has been fifty years since a new school building was constructed in the Wedgwood neighborhood.  A historic next-step began on May 7, 2015, with work for construction of a new school at the site of Thornton Creek School at Decatur, 7711 43rd Ave NE.

Here is the Seattle Schools construction-updates page.

The northeast corner of the TC School site has a playground

Forma Construction Company is preparing the ground for the new school buildings which will be situated closest to the corner of 40th Ave NE at NE 77th Street.

Construction fencing encloses the work area, leaving the northern edge of the school property, containing the playground at NE 80th Street open for use.  Portable classrooms are located at the northeast corner of the school property, NE 80th Street and 43rd Ave NE. The new school buildings will open in September 2016.

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