The Future of Building 2

What is the future of Magnuson Park’s most historic building?

Building 2 is the oldest building (1929) still extant in the former Sand Point Naval Air Station complex.  Called the Assembly & Repair Shop, Building 2 was constructed as a place to overhaul plane engines.  Original steel and glass doors are intact for the entire building, as well as large industrial windows along the sides of the hangars.  Massive concrete towers stand for receiving the sliding hangar doors.

You are invited for a lively day of community interaction around the question of future use of this historically significant building in Magnuson Park.

Registered attendees will receive maps to the locations. The event begins promptly at 1 PM on Saturday, June 6 with a 40-minute tour of Building 2. For safety reasons, late arrivals cannot be accommodated and all tours will be guided. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring a flashlight. The tour is not accessible by ADA standards due to barriers.

The rest of the event is ADA and takes place in the newly renovated Officers Club of Building 30. There will be coffee and light refreshments, development experts from various fields and the opportunity to share your opinions and problem solve around the building’s future. The collective and individual visions of attendees will be recorded and shared with Seattle Parks and Recreation to use as they support redevelopment of the building.

Register here.

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