Scouts Clean Up Wedgwood

Our thanks to the boys and the adult leaders of Scout Troop 166 of Wedgwood for their clean-up work along 35th Ave NE on Sunday afternoon, May 31st.  The Scout Troop took on the work project of trimming low-hanging tree branches over the sidewalk, cutting back overgrowth and shaping the landscaping along 35th Ave NE at NE 81st Street.  No detail was overlooked, including sweeping the sidewalk and gathering up all of the yard waste.  Thanks, Scouts!

When developer Albert Balch started the first Wedgwood development he set up the gates of Wedgwood to mark the entrance to the group of houses.  Since that time Wedgwoodians have maintained the plantings.  In a grant-funded project in 1995, the Wedgwood Community Council refurbished the gates with new signage.

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