Weekend Road Closure: Lake City Traffic Safety Project

If you are planning to go to Northgate on the weekend, be advised that the route from Lake City Way NE northward onto 24th Ave NE to where it meets Northgate Way, will be closed from 4 PM on Friday evening, June 5, until Sunday, June 7 at 7 PM.

An alternate route to Northgate is to go straight west on NE 75th Street onto Banner Way NE.  At the stoplight, angle right onto 5th Ave NE and continue northward, with access to the Northgate Shopping Mall, Northgate Branch Library, Target and other stores.

As part of the Lake City Traffic Safety Project, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will begin work on sewer and water lines on 24th Ave NE which branches off from Lake City Way NE.  The bus stop along Lake City Way NE at NE 104th, has been moved farther south, out of the construction zone.  When finished, the intersection of 24th Avenue NE and Lake City Way NE will feature a new sidewalk, curb bulb on the SW corner of 104th Place NE, crosswalk improvements and sewer work.  All this is part of the greater Improvement Project along the entire length of Lake City Way NE from I-5 up to NE 145th Street.

Looking southbound on Lake City Way NE at NE 104th Street, at right is 24th Ave NE which ascends and meets Northgate Way NE.