Fourth-of-July Pet Safety

Every year on the Fourth of July, pets get lost when they are frightened by fireworks and run away from the noise, escaping out of their house or yard.  Even if you have not had a problem in the past, you never know if this year, there will be nearby loud noises and your pet will react.

Take precautions ahead of time by updating your pet’s identification tags.  If you have a cat which seems bothered by sudden loud noises of fireworks, it is best to keep the cat indoors.  More cats get lost before/during the Fourth of July than any other time of the year.

On the Fourth of July, take your dog out for exercise early in the day.  Bring your dog indoors into a secure, quiet area, with food, water and treats at home.   If you will not be at home during the evening, arrange for a pet sitter.

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