Seattle reLeaf Trees for Neighborhoods

This year’s Trees for Neighborhoods tree list is now available.  Visit Trees for Neighborhoods to view this year’s species list and read program details.

The application opening date is Monday, August 3rd at 10 AM. Please note that fruit trees and small trees will sell out very quickly, so apply early. If you have room for a larger tree, you are encouraged to apply for one to not only increase your chances of receiving a tree but also to maximize the benefits to your yard and neighborhood.

As you look through the materials on the website, please be sure to look over both the Program Details and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Tree & Planting Site Selection Workshop

New this year: two free workshops in July to assist residents in selecting the right planting location and tree for their yard.  The workshops will cover info on the right tree, right place and help answer your tree and site selection questions, including:

·         Where’s the best location to plant a tree in my yard or planting strip?

·         Which tree is right for me?

·         How do I get a permit for a street tree?

·         How does Trees for Neighborhoods work?

Wednesday, July 15th

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Center for Urban Horticulture

3510 NE 41st St, Seattle

Tuesday, July 21st

6:30pm – 8:00pm

High Point Community Center

6920 34th Ave SW Seattle

Please RSVP to attend one of the workshops.

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