Halloween Cider Pressing at the Tool Library

Gather up all the apples in your yard, no matter how they look, because they will make great cider!  Stop by the NE Seattle Tool Library on Saturday, October 31st, between noon and 3 PM, for some bring-your-own-apples Halloween community pressing session!  Costumes and candy are encouraged.  Also bring containers for your cider (such as clean jars or plastic jugs) and bring a bucket for mash to use in your home compost.

The NE Seattle Tool Library is located at 2415 NE 80th Street, just west of the traffic light at NE 80th on 25th Ave NE.  After a recent theft which cleaned out the supply of power tools, the Tool Library has received donations and cash contributions to restore the collection.  Check out the on-line inventory and consider a donation or membership to this great community resource.

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