Big Rain, Clogged Street Drains

There’s an atmospheric river, aka a Pineapple Express, in the forecast and Take Winter by Storm is urging residents of Western Washington urban areas to adopt local street drains, to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.

When the fall monsoon hits this time of year, storm drains can easily become overwhelmed with leaves and the summer’s accumulated street debris, resulting in backed up gutters and drains, and localized flooding. In Seattle, for example, there are about 80,000 storm drains — far more than city crews can clear quickly.

You can help by safely adopting a local storm drain or drainage ditch — that means staying out of the road when raking — by keeping it clear of leaves and other debris. Keeping street drains clear is the single most important thing that residents, businesses can do to protect their property from flooding caused by clogged storm drains.  See more info at:  At Your Service.

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