Autumn Meals from LaPasta

Celebrate the autumn season with fresh, ready-to-cook meals from LaPasta in Wedgwood, in the Morningside Market building at 9118 35th Ave NE.   La Pasta produces only fresh long-cut noodles, and sauces, alongside an assortment of fresh-frozen ravioli. The noodles range from spinach pappardelle to black squid ink tagliolini, ravioli from pumpkin to smoked salmon.

The La Pasta Storefront opened in the Wedgwood neighborhood in the fall of 2012, acting as a small grocery hosting only items found at local area farmers markets.  On April 9th 2015, the La Pasta Storefront Kirkland opened at Parkplace Center in downtown Kirkland.

Storefront hours are:
Tuesday-Friday 11am to 8pm
Saturdays Noon to 6pm

Wedgwood phone:  349-8576

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