Where is the Food Truck?

Goreeng Food Truck order window

In June 2015 the Wedgwood Community Council created the Picnic Place at the corner of NE 86th Street, Wedgwood’s future park.  To enhance the site and make it a usable gathering place, picnic tables were put in and a food truck, Goreeng, was invited to open there in the evenings.  The arrangement was extremely successful in Summer 2015, when Wedgwoodians could enjoy delicious take-out ordering and sitting at the picnic tables in good weather.

JANUARY 2016 UPDATE: The Goreeng Food Truck had a major equipment breakdown in November 2015.  The owner decided to go out of business, and he will not be returning to Wedgwood with a food truck.

As of January 2016 the Wedgwood Community Council is reaching out to the Seattle Parks Department (owns the site at the corner of NE 86th Street) to work on getting new food trucks there.  If you would like to recommend a food truck or get involved to help bring this about, contact info@wedgwoodcc.org

The Wedgwood Community Council applied for grant funding to create the Picnic Place at 8605 35th Ave NE, a usable public space in the interim while we wait for more park development funding.

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